Inviting agri-tech startups & innovators to scale with Syngenta

The Startup Accelerator is a 6-month program providing a supportive ecosystem for early-stage companies developing new agricultural technologies.

We are looking to partner with high-potential entrepreneurs and innovators

We believe that the most promising solutions to global food security, sustainability, and productivity will come from bringing together innovative and technology-driven start-ups with growers and industry experts.

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Areas of interest

Production enabling technologies

Technologies that enable greater plant-by-plant precision agriculture.

Value chain enabling solutions

Technologies to track provenance and quality through the agriculture supply chain.

Improving farmers', access to capital and markets

Empowering growers around the world to better manage their finances and risk.

Sustainability and climate risk management

Technologies enabling mitigation of climate risk and making food systems more resilient.

Promoting regenerative agriculture practices

Monitoring & verification of farming techniques, soil health, and carbon quantification.

Other areas

While these are the area of focus, please do not hesitate to apply if you have innovations and tech solutions that fall outside these areas.

Syngenta leaders are committed to help passionate agri-tech entrepreneurs succeed and scale

"If you have an Idea, no matter how crazy it sounds, you will find people at Syngenta listening and willing to work with you to make it successful. At scale."
Feroz Sheikh
Chief Information and Digital Officer
Syngenta Group
"Technology and automation combined with agronomy can deliver solutions that are complete and will not only help us grow at scale but also help us grow holistically. This is the kind of innovation we are looking for."
Jeremy Groeteke
Head of Computational Agronomy
Syngenta Group
"We are an innovation company. Our products are a result of research and technology partnerships we have invested in. We have the highway and the experience to accelerate startups that join the program."
Warren Boerger
Global Head, Seeds Digital Product and Partnerships
Syngenta Group
"We want to create an ecosystem of innovators that will come with different ideas from different geographies but will have the common aim to create a more sustainable and resource efficient future for farmers, consumers, and the planet."
Conor Marsh
Digital Innovation & Strategic Partnerships Lead
Syngenta Group

Cohorts of startups will enter a program connecting them with mentors, resources, and funding to accelerate their growth and impact

Selected startups will have the opportunity to benefit from trialing space at Farm of the Future and select grower farms globally, mentorship and access to industry experts, and an opportunity to present and test ideas with relevant business leaders and investors.

Selected startups will get one-on-one mentoring by Syngenta business leaders. And the mentoring will be customized based on each team’s specific requirements. 

Also, over the 6-month period, the program has group learning sessions from subject-matter experts and industry veterans.

  • Strategy - business model, pricing, growth plans, etc.
  • Product - features, technology, value proposition, target segment.
  • Go To Market - branding, marketing, and sales.
  • Operations - planning and process design for scale.
  • Supply Chain - access to Syngenta supply chain resources.
  • HR – finding, hiring, and retaining talent.
  • Finance & Commercial robustness.
  • Capital Raising (Startups also get a chance to pitch).

Timelines - Accelerator Program

Applications open

March 9 - April 10, 2023

One-on-one interactions with Syngenta leaders

April-May 2023

Accelerator Program

May-October 2023

Demo Day

October 2023
Note: Timelines are indicative and may change for the entire cohort or for specific companies.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the criteria for selection?
Startups will be selected on the following criteria:

- Power of the concept
- Quality of the team - commitment, conviction, passion for the concept, complementarity of skills, etc. (While experience and stellar academic qualifications are ideal, they are not mandatory. Teams will be evaluated based on the jury’s assessment of their ability to create and build a scalable business.)
- Scalability of the business model
- Competitive environment
- Current status and traction
- Uniqueness of the Technology and IP (not necessary to have, but ideal to have the potential to create and own IP)
- Team’s ability and willingness to participate meaningfully in the Syngenta Group Accelerator Program, including (if required) to be present in locations that are most appropriate for the engagement. (These aspects will be detailed during the initial one-on-one interactions to ensure alignment on expectations and activities).
2. Do all founders need to attend the group and one-on-one mentoring sessions?
Ideally yes. These sessions not just help team’s get the full impact of the expertise and experience of Syngenta Group leaders but also helps build history & chemistry between the startup and Syngenta Group. This is especially important because we are looking at building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between Syngenta Group and the startups/innovator(s).
3. How will the mentoring process work?
The mentoring process will be customized for each startup depending on what that startup may require to improve their chances of success. The mentoring will be a combination of sessions by Syngenta Group experts and external subject-matter experts.
4. What would success mean for Syngenta Group and the startups selected for the program?
Syngenta Group and the startup will mutually agree on expected outcomes at the end of the program. These could include any or a combination of any of the following:

- Becoming a customer to the startup i.e. adopting their solution for your internal use, perhaps with some level of exclusivity arrangement
- Licensing the technology, or any other form of technology sharing arrangement
- Investing in the startup - either as a sole investor or as a lead investor or as a co-investor along with other investors
- Become a sales/distribution partner
- Collaborations to create joint solutions
- We will be happy to consider any other suggestions that the startup/innovator(s) may have on the mutually beneficial outcomes from the engagement.
5. Are there any fees commercials or equity requirements to participate in the Program?
No. There are no fees or commitments of equity required to participate in the accelerator.